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Everyone welcome in Jesus' Name to Trinity Lutheran Church

Our New Pastor

Pastor Chris Wogaman

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Word and Sacrament


Deacon Steve Colson

Word and Service


We are a community of faith, called into being and service by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and as such, called to welcome and invite all of God’s people into relationship with us.
   We believe that we are brought into relationship with God by God’s grace, which is God’s free gift of God's self to us.  We believe that same gift is offered to all God’s people and that God welcomes and loves all of us as whole people.
   Living into the reality of the witness of Jesus in our lives, we welcome and invite all people to Trinity, including and especially those who have felt excluded from the Church.

   Trinity's community of faith welcomes and invites you and all people of: every age, every race, every culture, every ethnicity, every level of physical and mental ability, every sexual orientation and gender identity, every married, widowed, divorced,partnered or single status, every family make-up, every economic standing, every educational background, every political affiliation, and every other trait of human diversity that is open to God’s call of unity and inclusiveness.  

Trinity's community of faith welcomes and invites Lutherans, non-Lutherans, life-long faithful Christians, new Christians, not-so-faithful Christians, those who are seekers of faith matters, those who are simply curious about faith matters, and those who embrace any combination of these or other traits of faith.

   We welcome and invite you to Trinity Lutheran Church.