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About Us


We all belong and are welcome at Trinity Lutheran Church of Park Forest because we are all children of God. We offer a safe haven to rejoice, heal, question, and keep it real whether in-person, online, or out in our communities. We seek to become anti-racist. We wholeheartedly welcome and celebrate other LGBTQIA+ people just as we are. We invite you to shape our future together as we live in unity as God’s people.


As Trinity Lutheran Church of Park Forest living by Christ’s example and saved by God’s grace, we feed hearts, spirits, minds, and  while providing a safe place where people gather and are welcome to come as who we all are. We embrace the resilience required for individuals, communities and churches to survive so we support people locally, regionally, and globally through need-driven action.


Trinity Lutheran Church of Park Forest connects with and serves our local community by listening to the needs and aspirations of community members. Through our outreach we engage in partnerships to support community gardening, promote music and the arts, and empower local youth. Our spirits and resources remain invested in regional and global concerns.

Our Story

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